Dragonfly yoga

This morning I took both cameras and long and short lenses, and went to stake out the pond I discovered yesterday. I couldn’t believe my luck when this male Common Darter settled on the blackberries – I couldn’t reach him … Continued


I went off to Trench Wood this afternoon in search of Emerald Damselflies and Common Darters, neither of which I found, but luckily there were plenty of other things out and about to keep me interested. The most spectacular was … Continued


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“How did you get on?” said R when I arrived back from the Cotswold Water Park. “Not as well as I’d hoped,” I said, “but better than I’d feared.” In fact I had a thoroughly engaging time at Lower Moor, … Continued

Fat-bottomed boy

“Why don’t you go to Grove Hill?” said R, who hasn’t got where he is today without being able to recognise a wife who’d be more loveable were she several miles away. Last summer I was a little surprised that … Continued