Pond life

When I went to check the wildlife pond after breakfast – at which time the weather was gloomy and it was still quite cold – all three of yesterday’s damselflies were still on the pond sedge, and there was another … Continued

21 weeks

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Another day of grandson-wrangling for R and me over in Welsh Wales, where Baby B is showing distinct signs that he thinks he’s now ready to get a car and a house and set about running his own life. Certainly … Continued

Blipday Club

When blipfoto warned me a few days ago that this would be my seven-year blipversary, I mentally logged the fact and decided to try to find seven of something for today’s post. And then, being me, promptly forgot about it … Continued


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“How did you get on?” said R when I arrived back from the Cotswold Water Park. “Not as well as I’d hoped,” I said, “but better than I’d feared.” In fact I had a thoroughly engaging time at Lower Moor, … Continued

Normal service resumes

My resolution never to leave home again didn’t survive R offering to buy me coffee and cake in Stratford today, and we had a pleasant stroll into town along the river. I took a few bird photos, most notably of … Continued