21 weeks

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Another day of grandson-wrangling for R and me over in Welsh Wales, where Baby B is showing distinct signs that he thinks he’s now ready to get a car and a house and set about running his own life. Certainly his hand-eye coordination improves every time we see him, and if his legs are still letting him down in the standing up and walking department, it’s not for lack of effort and determination on his part. He’s peachy when he’s either engaged or asleep, and a bit of a demon when he’s bored, but as long as I can make him laugh by doing poetry with silly voices he can be confident of keeping me wrapped firmly round his little fat finger.

Before I go off to collapse in a shrivelled heap, I’d like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who responded to yesterday’s blipversary with such charm and generosity. You’re lovely people, and I almost certainly don’t deserve you.