I enjoy creating stitched landscape panoramas (especially now that you can do it in Lightroom), but it’s always difficult to know what to do with them: the wider ones especially can be difficult to print, or even display digitally. So I’ve decided to put a few of them here – I hope you enjoy seeing the area in which I live.


150910 2a Broadway Tower pano-Pano

The Broadway Tower, which sits on an historical beacon point – it’s said that on a clear day you can see seven counties from up here, but this was a typically hazy day of summer. 3 portrait shots stitched.


150910 3a Broadway Tower pano-Pano

The view southward across Gloucestershire from the café area at the Broadway Tower. 4 portrait shots stitched.


150910 4a Campden pano-Pano

Looking northwards across Chipping Campden, with Meon Hill beyond it. 4 portrait shots stitched.


150915 2a Vale pano-Pano

The Vale of Evesham, with Bredon Hill in the distance. 4 portrait shots stitched.


150915 3a Vale pano-Pano

The same view on the same day, but taken from the top of Windmill Hill, which is the bank on the left side of the previous photo. 5 portrait shots stitched.


151206 1e Vale pano-Pano

Essentially the same view, from the same place, but taken on a bright midwinter day. 5 portrait shots stitched.


151206 2a Vale pano-Pano

Looking west across the River Avon from Windmill Hill. The copper-clad church spire belongs to the Parish Church of Harvington in Worcestershire. 5 portrait shots stitched.


160208 08c flooding-Pano

The flooded Workman Gardens in Evesham in February 2016. 3 portrait shots stitched.


160208 13a flooding-Pano

The flooded Vale, taken from Windmill Hill, February 2016. 6 portrait shots stitched.


160222 13a Campden church-Pano

Chipping Campden St James churchyard, with the East Banqueting House of Campden manor (now a holiday let through the Landmark Trust), and the Cotswolds beyond. 3 portrait shots stitched.


160228 4a dusk-Pano

Middle Littleton at dusk; in the distance are Meon Hill, Ebrington Hill, Dover’s Hill and the Cotswold Edge. 4 portrait shots stitched.


160301 4 Bidford Bridge pano

 The mediaeval packhorse bridge at Bidford-on-Avon; the other side of the bridge was extensively damaged in the summer of 2015 when a contractor drove a crop sprayer into the parapet wall, but it has now been repaired. 5 portrait shots stitched.


160416 03a2 Meon pano-2

Meon Hill, the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort (and the location of a grisly unsolved murder in the early C20th) with a light dusting of snow. The village at the left edge of the frame is Upper Quinton. 6 portrait shots stitched.


160426 10 Warwick St Mary pano-2

Looking westward from the top of St Mary’s Church tower in Warwick, across the Castle to the open countryside beyond. 7 portrait shots stitched.


160427 3 rape pano-2

Fields of oil seed rape on Sheen Hill at Ullington, Worcestershire. 5 portrait shots stitched.


160501 1 Merstow Green pano

The historic Merstow Green, Evesham; the half-timbered building is the C14th house of the Almoner of Evesham Abbey, now the Almonry Museum. 6 portrait shots stitched.


160509 5 Evesham heritage pano-2

A different angle on Merstow Green, Evesham. 3 portrait shots stitched.


160509 6 Evesham heritage pano-2

Evesham has two Parish Churches: in the centre is St Lawrence (now disused, but managed by the Churches Conservation Trust), on the left is All Saints, and behind St Lawrence is the Bell Tower of Evesham Abbey. 2 portrait shots stitched.


160517 3 Cheltenham pano

 Cheltenham, from the Butterfly Conservation reserve at Prestbury Hill. 4 landscape shots stitched.



 Meon Hill, almost invisible from the Lower Quinton Road through a thick autumnal haze. 2 landscape shots stitched.