Weather: Biblical. Mood: Apocalyptic. When the storm abated briefly, I rushed out with the camera to try to grab some images, heading straight to the spots in the garden that have most reliably provided me with invertebrates over the past … Continued


The b***** b****** w****** – sorry, weather – has gone off again. Our wild garden is now in the state of acute bogginess it normally only achieves around midwinter, and the supposedly higher and dryer bits aren’t much better. I’m … Continued


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Ever since I first saw woundwort shieldbugs mating on the hedge woundwort, and then later spotted a little clutch of eggs, I’ve been waiting for the annual nymph nursery to appear. The interesting thing about woundwort shieldbugs is that the … Continued

Speed Feeding Champion

The third day of the Alternative Olympic Games came to a  thrilling climax this afternoon, with the finals of the 1m Speed Feed (Bees, solitary) competition. As had been predicted by most pundits, this came down to a head-to-head between … Continued