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Ever since I first saw woundwort shieldbugs mating on the hedge woundwort, and then later spotted a little clutch of eggs, I’ve been waiting for the annual nymph nursery to appear. The interesting thing about woundwort shieldbugs is that the … Continued

Speed Feeding Champion

The third day of the Alternative Olympic Games came to a  thrilling climax this afternoon, with the finals of the 1m Speed Feed (Bees, solitary) competition. As had been predicted by most pundits, this came down to a head-to-head between … Continued

Sex and violence

I was watching a Wool Carder noodling through the hedge woundwort, thinking that it was smaller than I remembered, and half-forming the thought that it might be a female, when a second one swooped in and pounced. I think it … Continued