Ah – there you are! I’ve been waiting for you. Having gone around the invertebrate calendar a few times now, I know that there are species whose arrival punctuates the season in a fairly predictable way, and I find myself … Continued


While R and I were working in the garden this morning there were three Southern Hawkers hunting around us – two males and a female. One of the males was showing mature colouration, the female slightly less so (making her … Continued


R and I went to Hillers this morning for coffee and cake, and I used the opportunity to take a walk around their show garden, which is looking splendid, to check out the plants and see what invertebrates I could … Continued


The b***** b****** w****** – sorry, weather – has gone off again. Our wild garden is now in the state of acute bogginess it normally only achieves around midwinter, and the supposedly higher and dryer bits aren’t much better. I’m … Continued