The girls are back in town. When I first went out with the camera this morning it was still heavily overcast and bitterly cold, and apart from a couple of ladybirds the only invertebrates I could find were female bees: … Continued


It was a slightly warmer day today, but there was a thin layer of high cloud for much of it, which kept the light hazy. Good for photography, but not so good for getting the inverts flying. Nonetheless, I increased … Continued

Sunday brunch

Walking into the kitchen half way through the morning, I was pulled up short by the sight of this great spotted woodpecker brunching on peanuts. We have two peanut feeders, but the woodpeckers will only use this one, which is … Continued


Another day in the garden saw a border that has never been cleared in the two decades we’ve lived here finally get tidied, edged, and mulched. In the process of which I broke an edging iron on the rock-hard ground … Continued