The synchronised emergence of Large Red Damselflies from our ponds that conspicuously didn’t happen six weeks ago when we were hoping and looking for it, seems to be happening now. Today we had four emerge from the wildlife pond, and … Continued


I was absent-mindedly stalking some tiny 22-spot ladybirds around the honeysuckle this morning, as they trundled about looking for the mildew on which they feed, when a comparatively huge something (12mm in length, as opposed to around 4mm for the … Continued


This afternoon I went hunting small early butterflies at a nearby brownfield site with HelenJG and her friend C. We made some pretty good finds, including the first Brown Argus I’d seen this year, and a very unexpected Green Hairstreak, … Continued


Things are hotting up in our garden. Having populated the village with a good number of Large Red Damselflies from both our ponds over the past month or so, it was highly likely that some of them would return at … Continued