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I drove over to Oxfordshire this morning, to look for Silver-spotted Skippers and Adonis Blues on Watlington Hill. I found some Skippers, along with a few Small Heath and a gazillion Brown Argus and Common Blues, but no Adonis. Back … Continued


I put my back out overnight, which wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve had all week. A session on the shakti mat and some judicious stretching eventually got me moving, but by this point it was late morning, and hot, and … Continued


“Unexpected Hairstreak in the leafhopper area…” I was on my way to Grafton Wood this morning, for another attempt on the Emerald Damselflies, when I suddenly realised that I couldn’t quite be bothered to walk across four fields and a … Continued

A flutter of Admirals

R and I went to Stratford this morning to run errands and eat cake, and I offset the cake a little by taking a rapid walk down to Weir Brake lock in search of dragons. I didn’t find any, probably … Continued