I went to Trench Wood this afternoon, for the first time this year – not really expecting to find very much, but on the remote off chance that it might be teeming with inverts. It wasn’t, but I did spot … Continued

Beetles and bugs

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I went to Trench Wood today, in search of beetles and bugs, and found a couple of species I’d never photographed there before. The main image is a Gorse Shieldbug, which was by far the more unexpected of the two, … Continued

Messy eater

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The devil’s-bit scabious is in full flower at Trench Wood right now, and with the continuing warm weather keeping the numbers of nectar-feeding insects high, today it was in high demand. While this was good for my purposes in that … Continued

Him and her

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I went to Trench Wood today, in search of mini-beasts. When I arrived home I told R the best thing I’d found had been my friend RC, who I haven’t seen for several weeks, and with whom it was nice … Continued


“Unexpected Hairstreak in the leafhopper area…” I was on my way to Grafton Wood this morning, for another attempt on the Emerald Damselflies, when I suddenly realised that I couldn’t quite be bothered to walk across four fields and a … Continued

Small Poplar Borer

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I’d been planning an early trip to Trench Wood this morning, but the weather forecast told me it was likely to be stormy there, and even though I didn’t really believe it, this isn’t a place where you want to … Continued