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A trip to Trench Wood this morning gifted an unexpected encounter in the car park with my friend RC – he’s a renownedly early riser, and I’m not, so our flight periods rarely overlap. For the next couple of hours … Continued

Marsh Fritillary

“Good morning!” “Morning.” “Have you seen any Marsh Frits?” “Yes, two. Up there, on the ridge, feeding on buttercups on the far side of the path.” “Wonderful! That’s really helpful – thank you!” “You’re welcome.” Five minutes later: OK… so… … Continued


Mr/s Ferdinand’s hoverfly is described as coppery, though personally I’d say brassy was more accurate. Or possibly gold-plated – though maybe that’s tricky to render into Latin. I went up to Trench Wood this morning, for the first time in … Continued


I was feeling somewhat over-mature myself by the time I encountered this old female Common Darter this afternoon, and I suppose it could be fellow-feeling that makes her my subject of the day. I did rather like her subdued geriatric … Continued


I went off to Trench Wood this afternoon in search of Emerald Damselflies and Common Darters, neither of which I found, but luckily there were plenty of other things out and about to keep me interested. The most spectacular was … Continued