Tortoise bug

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I looked with disfavour at the raft of tedious stuff that needed doing at home this morning, contemplated the fact that from Wednesday onwards I’m likely to be running flat-out for five straight days, eyed the weather (bright, sunny and … Continued


Mr/s Ferdinand’s hoverfly is described as coppery, though personally I’d say brassy was more accurate. Or possibly gold-plated – though maybe that’s tricky to render into Latin. I went up to Trench Wood this morning, for the first time in … Continued


I was feeling somewhat over-mature myself by the time I encountered this old female Common Darter this afternoon, and I suppose it could be fellow-feeling that makes her my subject of the day. I did rather like her subdued geriatric … Continued


I went off to Trench Wood this afternoon in search of Emerald Damselflies and Common Darters, neither of which I found, but luckily there were plenty of other things out and about to keep me interested. The most spectacular was … Continued