Messy eater

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The devil’s-bit scabious is in full flower at Trench Wood right now, and with the continuing warm weather keeping the numbers of nectar-feeding insects high, today it was in high demand. While this was good for my purposes in that … Continued

Lesser hornet hoverfly

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Well. What can I say, other than thank you! I’ve been quite overwhelmed by all the lovely comments, stars, and hearts bestowed on yesterday’s milestone blip, and I’m truly grateful to everyone who responded. Many thanks to you all. The … Continued


Mr/s Ferdinand’s hoverfly is described as coppery, though personally I’d say brassy was more accurate. Or possibly gold-plated – though maybe that’s tricky to render into Latin. I went up to Trench Wood this morning, for the first time in … Continued

Golden hour

I went over to Trench Wood early this afternoon, timing my arrival for the point at which I thought the morning crowd would have gone home for lunch. It certainly wasn’t crowded – though I only got a parking spot … Continued