Weevil huddle

I was starting to worry that I might have posted a surfeit of roosting pairs of Oxystoma pomonae weevils over the past few weeks, so I went out into the garden this afternoon and found a quartet of them. Don’t say I don’t spoil you. The pair on the right here were far more awake than they rightly should be at this time of year, and actually turned round through 180° while I was photographing them.

Other headlines from today’s edition of What is Wrong with this Picture? include:

1. My ceanothus and one of my rosemary bushes are coming into flower; and

2. I photographed several Drosophila suzukii today. Fruit flies. In the second week of January….

Anyway, stepping around the climate crisis (or maybe not), last week’s migrating geese and swans have all now left Stratford, but there are still plenty of black-headed gulls around. Tonight’s extra shows one of them on the Bancroft Basin, breaking the reflections of a narrow boat. Its head was lifted at this moment to swallow a bill-full of water, rather than because it was sensing danger.