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Another trip to Stratford Hospital this morning – this time for the bone density scan that the rheumatologists had requested because they consider my more recent spinal fracture to be “low impact” and therefore potentially worrying. I’d pointed out that given the speed at which I was moving when I hit the ground it was actually quite high impact, but to no avail. I’m not complaining really – it’s extraordinary that all these tests are carried out at no cost to me, but when the hospital receptionist greets you like an old friend and says “Hello again!” I think you’re entitled to feel that you’re spending too much time there.

Anyway, it got me out of the house nice and early, and then I was able to meet up with R for coffee and a walk along the river. Tufted ducks: just five today – though that’s two more than yesterday – and sadly none of them presented itself to my lens in the lovely morning light.

This afternoon I looked at the light, checked the wind forecast, and went owling. It was a great session – I don’t know if this is even my best short-eared owl of the day, but it’s one of the ones I marked as good in-camera, and as I’m rushing to post before going off to choir rehearsal I’ve pulled it out and worked it up quickly. The extra is a barn owl that came out to play at the end of the afternoon, though it was shyer than today’s shorties and didn’t give me such good photos. It’s always nice to see a barn owl, but it’s the short-ears that I really love, probably because I find their eyes so arresting.

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