Wheat field

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The weather today was very autumnal, which seems a bit harsh as we’re not yet at the end of July. It felt very much like a sitting at my desk kind of day – and goodness knows I do need to spend some time there in the very near future, doing something other than processing raw files: if I don’t act soon the huge wobbling heaps of unprocessed paperwork will completely hide my computer screen.

But I’d set Landscape as the theme for Wide-angle Wednesday, and my photo of the day wasn’t going to take itself – so off I went to brave the hostile elephants.

I was out for a couple of hours, I think – I spent quite a lot of time just sitting in the car at different locations, waiting for the rain to ease – and I came back with about three dozen shots. If I’d gone with this one, which was taken exactly three minutes after I set off, I could have been home another three minutes later, had a cup of tea, done my editing and still had the entire afternoon free for filling out my tax return.

Maybe I’ll get to the tax return tomorrow…

Before I go, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped to send yesterday’s blip to the front page of Pops – it’s currently sitting in the midst of some very exalted company, trying to look as though it thinks it belongs there. I’m very happy that so many of you liked it!