Rose oil

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Today has been the kind of day on which your life partner decides that you’re not going to get round to choosing a new cooker any time soon to replace the one whose main oven door now completely fails to close, turning the kitchen into a blast furnace and producing dangerously unevenly-cooked food, and if he wants to save the planet and his own chances of staying alive and approximately solvent he’d better buy and fit some new oven door hinges. You’ll admire me, I’m sure, when I tell you that I managed not to complain when I had to exert actual force to open the door to warm some plates this evening. And it was quite nippy in the kitchen in fact, but still I womanfully said nothing.

In other news, I set up back button focusing on the camera this afternoon. I gather that it’s a Marmite kind of thing, so you’ll either hear the bitter cursing from wherever you are on the planet, or I’ll love it so much that I become a tedious evangelist and you’ll all have to put your fingers in your ears and hum loudly whenever you see BBF in future blips. Or very possibly, come tomorrow I’ll have totally forgotten that I’ve done it, and when I try to take a photograph I’ll be jumping up and down and shrieking that the camera’s broken!!, and what am I going to do now??!, and OMG why didn’t I get a second camera body the last time I had some spare cash???!!!, and…..

Watch this space. Or not.

This being exactly the right kind of day for it I decided to try an oil on water shot forĀ youoregon1’s challenge Abstract Thursday. I can’t in all truth say that it went terribly well – to start with I used too little oil, and then when I added some more I put in too much, and then I over-agitated the whole concoction and got air bubbles in it. It’s slightly embarrassing because I know that some of you are very skilled at this – but one learns from these things, and it was fun (within limits). This is one of the better shots – it’s got a swirly kind of vibe going on that I quite like.

Right – I’m out of here. I’ll see you all tomorrow (if I can get the camera to focus).