Wet play

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It’s been heaving down all day and I thought I might have to play indoors again – but I got so wet (and oily) taking yesterday’s shot that in the end I decided outside couldn’t be much worse than that, so I donned Dunlops and a waterproof jacket and went for it. I was looking for a flower shot for Biker Bear’s challenge Flower Friday, and I did find a few damp blooms to photograph – but in the end I preferred the wet sheen on these cider apples.

The fact that it isn’t pin-sharp is nothing to do with BBF (though that’s taking a while to get used to): it’s the result of using a zoom rather than a prime, because all my zooms have lens hoods and none of my primes do. On balance it was a good choice, because by the time I came indoors the only bit of the camera that wasn’t dripping was the front element of the lens. I was a bit twitchy about it because neither camera nor lens is weather-sealed, but I dried them off and left them in the airing cupboard for a few hours and they seem OK.

Photography aside, I don’t actually mind this rain – we’ve had a long dry spell here and the garden really needed the water – but I’m seriously grumpy about how cold it’s turned. R and I went out to dinner this evening, and for the occasion I donned jeans, jumper, scarf, jacket and winter boots – and even then I was none too warm. I’m currently trying to decide whether to get the winter duvet out!

Before I go off to do journals, a last thank you for all the kindness you’ve showered on my recent blips – especially Tuesday’s, but I was also very chuffed with the reaction to Wednesday’s shot. It gives me a big lift to receive such a warm response, and I very much appreciate it.

And absolutely finally, some Happy Friday music: for some reason I was thinking of the late Dudley Moore today, and I thought that we might all like to remember him at his outrageous best, parodying Beethoven.

Have a great weekend!