What to post today…?

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Hairy-footed flower bee on pulmonaria?
Hairy-footed flower bee on flowering currant?
Hairy-footed flower bee on aubretia?
Hairy-footed flower bee on wallflower?

When we get to the stage of me pushing my luck with the hairy-footed flower bees, I’d be glad if someone would have a quiet private word. But to be honest, there wasn’t much else about today, other than a couple of Bombus and a ladybird which wasn’t doing anything particularly exciting. I fear I’ve made a rod for my own back recently, with ladybird acrobatics and ladybird rock’n’roll – ladybirds sitting on walls minding their own business have started to look rather uninspiring.

The hairy-footed boys were out in force though, eating everything they could find, and building up their strength in readiness for their brief opportunity to fulfil the biological imperative. Some of them are starting to look a little ragged round the wing edges now, so I hope the laydees don’t keep them waiting too much longer. Just think about it for a moment. This is what they’re here for – and all they’re here for: the chance to persuade a female to mate with them, so that their DNA passes to the next generation of larvae.

I’ll leave it to you to ponder the broader philosophical questions this raises!