Wet play

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The weather wasn’t actually wet – just gloomy and dull. But I was wet. And sticky.

Equipment used:
70D, on a tripod
On-camera flash, with diffuser
85mm lens
12mm extension tube
Cable release
Bowl of water
Quantity of Bottlegreen pomegranate and elderflower cordial
Turkey baster.

It wasn’t difficult, but it was a very hit and miss affair – I took about 130 shots, and trashed all but ten of them. A better drip-delivery system would have been useful, but I wanted to see if I could do it without any fancy equipment, and overall I’m reasonably pleased with the results. Next time I might hang a freezer bag with a small hole in it from a second tripod, to provide more predictable drips.

I decided to use cordial because I wanted a colour contrast and couldn’t find anything better. Food colouring (which I didn’t have) would have given a clearer contrast, but not the interesting swirly surface effect here, which comes from the sugary cordial spreading out as it hits the water.

There are a few more on Flickr, if you’re interested – starting here.