Waxing gibbous

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R and I are both very grateful for the lovely comments you left on yesterday’s blip, and the hearts and stars you gave to our old chap – who, of course, would have detested all the attention. I have read every comment, though it’s beyond me at the moment to reply to them – but I do want you to know how much I appreciate your kindness.

Today has been a day of trying to move on physically, though of course not emotionally – we’ve cried many times during the business of sorting out dog belongings and deciding what to store and what to get rid of. The thing that utterly undid me was coming across the two t-shirts poor Arfie had to wear this time last year (as shown in the extra), to stop him improving the wound from his last surgery.


Anyway, R and I bottomed out the family room, removed the smelly old rug to the garage (because as R said, the one thing worse than a house with no dogs in it is a house with no dogs in it that still smells of dog), and then went out and bought a new one. We still have to get rid of the ancient doggy sofa, but we need to choose a new one first or we’ll be reduced to sitting on the floor.

I did take some photos in Stratford this afternoon, of a chap wielding a device for creating huge bubbles – and I’d be lying if I told you that it didn’t cross my mind to buy one of these gizmos and have some fun with it at home – but though bubbles are photogenic they don’t really represent my generally quite seriously unbubbly day. Luckily I spotted the moon this evening and realised that I hadn’t yet photographed it with the Big Lens, so I wandered out into the road with small camera, Big Lens, cable release and tripod, and took half a dozen shots – of which R chose this one. It still surprises me that you can capture photos of the moon with perfectly standard equipment that show craters and mountain ranges, and it always brings home to me how lucky we are to have such good lenses available to us now.