Verbena and bee

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I spent about three hours in the front garden today – weeding, lifting and splitting overcrowded plants, and putting in a few new purchases. For once I remembered to have the camera close at hand, and I was able to get a few shots of this bumblebee when it came to feed on Verbena bonariensis.

I think I must have looked quite strange taking this photo, actually. If you have this plant you’ll know that the flower heads sit at the end of long, slender stems (about 1.5m tall in my garden), and as it was quite breezy today the stems were whipping back and forth – and I was swaying around like a large Weeble, trying to keep the bee in focus. Luckily I don’t think there were any witnesses – at least, none with a camera!

My only other news is that Arthur is continuing to wear his fetching green t-shirt, and the skin under it is now showing good signs of healing. Thank you again for the good wishes you’ve been sending him – they’re much appreciated.

As I am now toadally zorsted I’m going to slonk in front of An Inspector Calls, which I last saw on stage at the Crucible in Sheffield in about 1973. As I can’t remember the plot of a book, play or film for more than about two days, I expect to be thoroughly surprised by the ending.