Tortoise bug

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I looked with disfavour at the raft of tedious stuff that needed doing at home this morning, contemplated the fact that from Wednesday onwards I’m likely to be running flat-out for five straight days, eyed the weather (bright, sunny and … Continued


R and I had a great day in Cardiff with Baby B, who continues to surprise and amuse us. Although he still hasn’t got many recognisable words, it’s quite clear that he understands pretty much everything that’s said to him, … Continued


R and I set off for home this morning (though pledging to return to Suffolk, with which we’ve both fallen rather in love), breaking the journey at Paxton Pits in Cambridgeshire so that I could spend a couple of hours … Continued


After a peaceful night, during which the only sound to be heard (other than my snoring) was the persistent hooting of a tawny owl, R and I ate one of the best, and certainly one of the biggest, breakfasts that’s … Continued