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Stop Christmas!!

Stop – Christmas!

Stop Christmas???

Stop with the Christmas nonsense, for goodness’ sake!

Stop bragging about Christmas, now that you’ve done every bit of your Christmas shopping, and just have to remember to collect the turkey and be in when an articulated lorry drops off fourteen tons of food on the morning of the 23rd.

Oh stop – please. Just stop…..

Busy, busy day today. Much running up and downstairs between R’s study and mine with lists; much visiting of web sites; much rummaging in cupboards and calculating of lengths of last year’s left-over wrapping paper; much writing of Christmas cards (R), and posting of the same (also R).

Much cake.

These silly figures were on a stand just outside the door of one of Stratford’s many Olde Gifte Shoppes, this one being next door to Boston Tea Party. They’re about two inches tall, and therefore, I would say, qualify as festively tiny.

Photographed with the Big Zoom, because that’s what was on the camera. Not technically macro, but close enough for jazz.