I can’t quite believe that I’ve reached the age I attained today. I’ve never been especially bothered by the Big Birthdays that seem to get so many people het up, and this is just an interim one, but it’s hit me fairly hard. Even though R assures me that he’ll still need me and still feed me now I’m…. no, wait. Let’s not go there.

I had a lovely day, despite my alarm and despondency over the digits, with especially nice cards and presents from the family. Then R and I went to Broadway to do a little light Christmas shopping, where (as usual) I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the Broadway Deli, followed by a trip into Stratford for lunch. This evening I’ve been drinking fizz while organising things on my new Kindle, and then R and I watched some Belgian detective nonsense on Netflix. All in all, just about the right level of excitement for someone of my age, I think.

I thought of titling this post “Buxom Melons”, but that would have been a) risqué, and b) inaccurate. “Splendid” is a much more appropriate word to summarise my day.