“It’s in here somewhere…”

I wouldn’t usually post a photo of a butterfly in which so much of the business end of the insect is hidden, but I like the way the sunlight caught this scene, and the sense that the Brimstone is having to delve into the flower to find the nectar amuses me. I scuttled round to the other side of the flower bed and managed to capture some more “normal” shots, but though they’re more descriptive of the butterfly, the light was trickier – still, I’ve posted one to Facebook, if you’d like to see if you prefer it.

I daresay it’s coincidental, but it always seems to me that Brimstones gravitate to pink and purple flowers: they love the perennial pea in my garden, and I also see them regularly on betony and purple loosestrife. What’s nice about this is that they have pink and purple accents along the edges of their wings, and their eyes and antennae and some of their body fur are pink and purple too. I like to imagine that they have a strong sense of style, and choose their flowers to tone with their clothing.