Santa’s little helper

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R and I found ourselves wandering past the tail-enders of the annual Shakespeare Hospice Santa Run this morning. So many people do this run – or jog, or walk, or pram push – that it must be a very good fundraiser for the Shakespeare, which is a day hospice providing treatment and support services for those living with chronic or terminal illness and their families.

There were a lot of dogs taking part today, which I believe they can do free of charge, and it was nice to see that many of them had got into the spirit of the occasion by wearing festive fancy dress. This chap seemed a little confused as to whether he was a reindeer or one of the elves, but still looked surprisingly happy to be out on a 5k walk on a horribly drizzly morning. Arthur and Roley would have reacted very uncharitably to these conditions, even if we hadn’t forced them to wear reindeer antlers.

Many thanks for all the kind comments, stars and hearts you’ve bestowed on yesterday’s Bourton-on-the-Water blip, and for your good wishes on here and on Facebook after my idiotic almost-fall. I am very sore today – but as we all know I’m a model of stoicism and never talk about myself or make any kind of fuss, so I’m being extremely brave about the whole thing.