Silver and gold

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I spent most of today trying to get my computer files straight, emerging from my study only to make tea, prepare dinner, and take a few photos for today’s blip. It was all quite tedious, but next week is going to be busy, and I’m glad to have got everything sorted out and backed up at this point.

I recently bought a sheet of black perspex as a base for still life images, and I’m still working out how to use it without picking up a lot of random reflections other than the ones I want: for this shot I used a piece of black foam board to block out the reflection of the conservatory roof and the late afternoon sky. Of course, this also limited the light reaching the subject, and I didn’t want to fetch a tripod so I had to push the ISO – but on the whole I’m reasonably pleased with it for a quick hand-held shot. The only significant problem with the perspex is the amount of dust it attracts – but luckily one of my primary Photoshop skills is the wielding of the spot-healing tool!