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First day back home after several away = photo processing. And more processing, and then yet more processing.

Towards the end of the afternoon, when it was starting to feel as though I was taking root in my desk chair, I did walk up to the butterfly field to see if there was anything about, but all I found were a couple of horrified grasshoppers (one of them missing several of its feet, but somehow still managing to cling to foliage with its legs, and to jump away from me pretty effectively), two common wasps, a hornet, and a single Common Carder bee. Nor was there much in the garden, though if you look full-screen there are a couple of flies, and possibly a spider as well, lurking among the petals of this bloom.

I’ve blipped this rose before – more than once, I think – but it remains a favourite of mine, not least because I’ve never been able to find out what it is. The last time I posted it someone suggested that I should get in touch with one of the very old rose nurseries to see if they can identify it, but although that’s an excellent suggestion I haven’t yet got round to following it, so the mystery remains. I wouldn’t generally choose the 7D and macro for taking this kind of photo, but I like the way this one has come out, with that rather dramatic bokeh. The undersides of the petals aren’t blown out, by the way – they actually are white.