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I was walking through the RSC garden this afternoon when I came across this mute swan drifting in the current close to the river bank. It’s unusual for them to be as still and calm as this unless they’re actually asleep, and I liked the rather contemplative image she presented.

Today’s news is that R went off out to Coventry this morning, telling me that he was going to buy a Mazda CX-3, and then phoned 90 minutes later and announced that he’d bought the Suzuki Vitara instead. I just hope the Passport Service don’t reject my application – I fear I may need that passport.

And in other, sadder news, Arfie’s ashes came home this evening. I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact that ten days ago he seemed as if he’d pootle on forever, and now he’s in a little box (with Roley’s even smaller one resting on top) on the coffee table in the sitting room. My boys…