Reflected glory

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R wanted to go into Stratford first thing after breakfast, but I had a couple of urgent things to do at home first which held us up, and by the time we made it into town the clouds were building and the lovely light of the early morning had pretty much disappeared. I took this as we walked past the Bancroft Basin on our way towards coffee and shopping, at which point the weather wasn’t too bad, but by the time we’d completed our errands and made it back to the car it was raining hard.

I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment while I shamelessly brag about one of the Offspring. I’ve been bursting to tell you for weeks that L’s animation studio were creating the Christmas ident for the Welsh language channel S4C, and today being the first of December (and therefore Christmas as far as television companies are concerned), I’m finally allowed to. S4C put out a press release this morning, and the full-length animation (which will be broadcast in segments of various lengths at different points in the schedule) has been posted to YouTube. As you’d probably expect, I love it, and I’m hugely proud of its producer.