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It tells you something about just how hard they work that when I focused on this Bombus pratorum she was feeding from the tayberry flower, and by the time I’d pressed the shutter button she was on her way.

I’m also about to be on my way: if the rheumatologist and I both survive a conversation tomorrow morning towards which I’m sure he’s looking forward nearly as much as I am, I’m taking myself off on a little road trip, from which I don’t expect to be back until quite late on Tuesday evening. And as I don’t post while I’m away, it’s possible that I will miss this week’s Tiny Tuesday – which is very poor considering that I’m hosting it, but there we go: running away from responsibility has always been one of my very best things. Barring mishap I will be back in time to tear my hair out trying to choose five favourites from your entries, but I won’t be around on the day issuing reminders – which is why I’m doing it now.

Right. I’m off to throw some socks and a tube of toothpaste into an overnight bag, and then sit up all night fretting about which camera equipment I can bear to leave at home. Laters!