An attentive audience

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Lucy was wondering how it could be that no-one had thought to mention skipping to her as a possible future career, and making a mental note to question one of the ladies afterwards about Ts&Cs and pay structure.

William was wondering if all middle-aged women went mad, or just the ones who wore red shoes with bells on.

Chinewrde Morris of Kenilworth were entertaining the townsfolk of Stratford this afternoon, and eliciting my admiration: I tried clog dancing many years ago at a village club evening, and I can tell you that it’s flipping hard work. Just watching them today brought my knees out in sympathy. There’s a clearer photo of the ladies in extras; and a rather grainy YouTube video of them in action here.

Many thanks to all of you who said kind things in response to my blip yesterday – they’re hugely appreciated.