Ah – that’s better! Back in my photographic comfort zone. And, breathe….

I was feeling a bit blue today, so took myself off to Croome, where it was a wonderful day for dragoning: there were a few Small Red-eyed Damselflies about still, as well as Common and Ruddy Darters, and Southern, Brown, and the ever-obliging Migrant Hawkers. Better yet, I bumped into the lovely Hillyblips, and we were able to have a good old gossip. It must have looked a little odd to the innocent civilians who passed us: two women standing side by side, nattering nineteen to the dozen, while performing synchronised swinging of large camera lenses. But, you know – multitasking.

We both snapped this particular dragon, which was close enough for this to have needed just a minimal crop, for composition. I wonder if we’ll be playing blipsnap this evening?