Marvellously mad

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R pointed out the other day that we hadn’t yet been to Sezincote this year, and as it was another glorious day today, and they’re closing for the winter very soon, we decided to remedy the situation and treat ourselves to the best tea and cake in the Cotswolds. I was using the big zoom because I was planning to hunt dragons at the ponds, which gave me an interesting challenge in terms of taking more general shots. But I quite like being forced to see things differently: it’s very easy to photograph buildings at 24mm or 50mm, but at 140mm you need to look for details – and Sezincote is bedecked with bizarre but charming architectural details, as well as having a garden packed with interesting plants. (I did find dragons, by the way, but the Southern Hawkers were being fast and feisty, and the Brown Hawkers fast and elusive, so I only managed record shots today.)

One of the good things about a trip to Sezincote is that it’s such a wicked slope from the house and garden back up to the car park that by the time you leave you feel as though you’ve walked off your cake. In weather like today’s though, the climb also leaves you feeling as though you now need another cup of tea, which we felt justified a second stop at the Broadway Tower cafĂ©, about half way between Sezincote and home. Living the dream…