Night must fall

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I only left my desk between breakfast time and dusk to repack a box of Offspring rubbish belongings for storage, and make occasional cups of tea. Round about the time that my stomach began sending increasingly frantic signals to my brain that food needed to be prepared in short order, it suddenly hit me that I had taken no photos all day. Panic ensued.

A glance westwards suggested that the sunset wasn’t going to be all that, but as sometimes happens towards dusk the eastern sky was looking more promising, so I leapt into the car, leapt out of it again to move the recycling bin from the drive, leapt back in, and zoomed off up the hill eastwards out of the village. Knowing the view from every field gateway between here and the Roman Road saved me valuable minutes, and I was able to capture half a dozen quite nice shots in what suddenly turned into really interesting light.

I’m blipping the actual sunset because I haven’t done one for ages, but if you’re interested the other shots are here.