Nessun dorma

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You get a better class of busker in Stratford-upon-Avon: this is Karl Loxley (ex of The Voice, apparently, though as I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than watch reality television, I only know this because I’d seen his photo in the Stratford paper) belting out Puccini to an appreciative crowd this afternoon. And a rather ghostly selfie of the photographer in the cafĂ© window, which is fine: I look better in soft focus.

In case you were wondering, he nailed it. And yes, I did give him some money after taking his photo – which is more than the guy who photographed me photographing Mr Loxley did. I raised a sardonic eyebrow at him, and received a smirk in return.

The extra shot is of Samson, a four year old English Bulldog, who entertained R and me while we were waiting for lunch in Loxleys. He’s recently had cruciate ligament surgery and had just come from having his stitches out, so was perhaps quieter than usual; though he did wander over and lean against me at one point, which I took as a sign of favour. Shortly after this he enjoyed a bowl of milk, followed by quite a large quantity of roast beef, although I’m projecting the enjoyment: his expression didn’t vary by so much as a muscle twitch at any time during the meal. The title of this photo is “Baleful”.

160717 3 Samson