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For years I was quite sniffy about chrysanthemums – but I really don’t know why. They work jolly hard, and flower through the autumn when most other things are giving up. I hereby apologise to them for thinking that they were boring and ordinary!

These were not grown by me – I bought them in Waitrose yesterday, when I was passing by and stopped in to pick up a free coffee. Which I guess means that it wasn’t really a free coffee at all….Though if you subtract the cost of a coffee from the cost of the flowers it makes them an absolute bargain… So that’s all good.

I had put that today was the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month for this year, but Nickimags888 has sweetly pointed out to me that it’s not. “30 days hath September,” JDO, not October. (You idiot.) Anyway, it’s good to Wear It Pink. If you can, please go through to¬†here and do a click donation to help fund mammograms for disadvantaged women.