Mono Monday: Roots

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R collected his new car today, and so far he’s pretty pleased with it – which is a relief as I still lack the necessary documentation to flee the country. He was especially charmed to discover that the infotainment system will display and run his iPhone, which is, I must admit, fairly cool. I am now of course, after a decade of resistance, a total convert to the iPhone – in fact I’m kicking myself for not getting one several phone upgrades ago – and that’s before I’ve even found the time to assess the various photography apps that have been recommended to me. So many things to download, and so little time…

I spent the day singing Mozart, and working back through my recent photo folders, pulling out possible images to update my web site galleries and use for competitions and such. This process would have been much faster if I hadn’t felt the need to keep re-processing files. Someone I know on Facebook said the other day that sometimes she wishes she still shot straight to jpeg, and I do know what she means; but if ever I think of resetting the camera, just to give myself a bit of a break, I then get all twitchy thinking about those little pre-processed images, and keep right on shooting raw.

Late this afternoon I remembered that I hadn’t taken any photos today; but luckily Dollykgray had set Roots as today’s Mono Monday theme, and there are always plenty of things round here that need to be pulled up at the roots – so here you have one of those tall, skinny dandeliony things. I’m sure it has a name of its own, but I haven’t been able to find out what it is. This one was only about half a metre tall, but they do get much bigger than that if they’ve managed to seed in one of my borders rather than the gravel drive.

This evening R and I watched the series finale of Ripper Street. What the…..?