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In the circumstances you couldn’t begrudge her a few peanuts, could you? Especially as she has what looks like a wound on the other side of her face – I’m concerned about it, but hoping that if she can stay well-nourished it will be able to heal.

Being thoroughly connected to the interwebs (two email accounts; Facebook, Twitter and the Blip app) via my new phone, I thought that I should clean out the old one this morning, so I wired it up to the PC and lifted all my files off it, before restoring it to factory settings. Upsettingly, my photos folder contained two videos which I took of Arthur in the last couple of days of his life to show to the vet, and this combined with the fact that it’s exactly a month since he was put to sleep has distressed R and me quite a lot. We sat at the lunch table for quite a while, reminiscing about our boys, and laughing and (in my case at least) crying; it’s ridiculously difficult to get used to the fact that we can now eat a meal without suffering extreme canine disapproval if we forget to save a tasting morsel for a dog.

It was a sunny day and we had the doors to the garden open, and as I got up to clear the table I spotted Mama Squirrel on the nut feeder; so I fetched the Big Lens to see if I could get some shots of her. We’d eaten quite late and the sun was already pretty low, so I had to push the ISO to get to a high enough shutter speed for the 400mm, but I was helped a little by this quite unusual light – as you can see from the rim lighting she was between me and the sun, but she was also highlighted by what must have been a reflected glow from the house windows. I haven’t done anything other than standard Lightroom processing to this file.