Mono Monday: Lost

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He knew it was somewhere around here that he’d left it. He knew. The shifting reflections on the surface of the water were making it hard to see, and he was hampered in his search by a paucity of opposable thumbs, but he was quite certain that it should be…. just…. here.

A suspicion began to form in his mind that maybe it wasn’t simply lost. Perhaps someone had taken it…. Just the thought made his wings start to flare. If one of those damned mallards had taken it, he thought, there was going to be trouble….

In the extra, Humphrey (star of this mini-photoshoot) momentarily stops hunting poo around Holy Trinity church yard, and demonstrates that, like myself, he’ll do almost anything for a biscuit. He still has the space hopper, by the way; or at least he has a space hopper – after watching the way it was being treated, I wasn’t surprised to hear that they have to be bought in bulk.