It’s beginning to smell…

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I spent much of the day rushing around, doing necessary errands and then Christmas shopping. I’d also planned to take some photos in Stratford, but by the time I left the shops I was so laden that I kept having to put down my bags for a few moments to give my hands a break – and the concept of lugging all my parcels along the riverside path and keeping track of them every time I got the camera out wasn’t enticing. Instead I limped to the car, came home and photographed this White Company “Winter” candle. I daresay other Christmas-scented candles are available, but I doubt they’re as yummy as these.

Now I’m off out to BGCC for the annual Panels competition. Apologies once again for being such an awful Bip-mate: I barely seem to have time at the moment to draw breath, let alone browse journals.