Compton Verney

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I decided to go to an advertised food festival today, at Compton Verney in Warwickshire. R said that he thought it was going to be a small affair and probably very crowded, and I feared that he was probably right – but it was a nice day and I thought I’d take the risk.

It was, as predicted, small and crowded – I counted just eight stands in a largish room, and there were so many people thronging around them that it was almost impossible even to see anything, let alone reach the tasting samples – but luckily my house and garden ticket also allowed me into the permanent art collection, which was definitely worth escaping to. I then went for a wander round the park, which like Croome was landscaped by Capability Brown; it has a nicer lake, but lacks Croome’s slightly ramshackle charm. Nonetheless, it’s a pleasant place to visit, and I will go back again.