Mono Monday: Distorted

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The contents of out sitting room window sill, including an Advent light, photographed with a wide angle lens and further distorted by a heavy, faceted Baccarat decanter. This was actually a test shot for composition, and not intended to be kept – but for some reason R and I both like it.

This afternoon I had a chat with Ian, the vet, and we agreed that Roley needs further intervention as the pneumonia clearly isn’t resolving with drugs alone. So on Thursday morning Ian will take more x-rays and re-assess him, and if it looks sensible and feasible he will take out the offending lung lobe. Obviously we’re terribly worried about it, but Roley’s a sad little terrier at the moment – he has virtually stopped eating, and only leaves the house when he has to – so with his quality of life deteriorating rapidly it doesn’t seem as though he has a lot to lose. One way and another this is shaping up to be a difficult week.