Meon Hill

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I went to the Stratford Food Festival this afternoon. The weather was gorgeous, and the town was teeming with people sampling and buying food, or just sitting around in the sun enjoying the atmosphere. I took a few photos, but didn’t like any of them much – they all seemed to have random elements such as disconnected pointing hands that I couldn’t quite get rid of.

I also took some sets of landscape shots and made panoramas, a couple of which I do quite like.

But in the end this very simple shot of the afternoon light on Meon Hill pleased me the most of all the photos I took today, because it’s the most descriptive of the kind of day it’s been. Also, it’s a while since I posted a photo of Meon Hill, which is a favourite landmark of mine. It’s looking quite benign here I think – but I still wouldn’t go up it on my own at night.

If you don’t already know about the place, there’s some information about the Iron Age hill fort here, and about the infamous murder of Charles Walton here.