Marching towards the future

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Pretty much every damned thing has made me burst into tears today – I’m not sure why, because I’m not usually this mimsy. I think 2016 may have finally overwhelmed me.

I cried when the Sydney New Year fireworks came up on my news feed, while R and I were out having lunch in Stratford. They were too beautiful and I couldn’t bear it.

I cried when I left the restaurant in search of a photo and found myself following this little blonde chap down the street. Though to be fair, small blonde boys often make me emotional – it’s not unknown for me to accost their mothers like some kind of Ancient Marineress (while their eyes swivel frantically in search of an escape route), telling them to cherish every second with their lovely babies because one day they’ll turn round and discover that they’ve mysteriously morphed into huge bearded jazz musicians. Still lovely of course, and capable of delivering a powerful hug, but definitely no longer small and blonde.

I cried when I found myself in conversation with a beautiful vizsla outside Marks and Spencer. Because dogs.

I cried when this came up on my Facebook news feed. Because dogs and small children.

In fact, about the only time I didn’t cry was when R and I took a bucket of water outside this morning, cleaned up the back of the MX-5 and found the dent I’d pretty much expected would be there – but that’s because I’m insured with LV, who are right on it. Twenty minutes on the phone this afternoon and all is in hand; I now just need to wait for the repairers to come and take her away and fix her.

Oh, and I didn’t cry when I set up the 7DII this morning. Even though it took five minutes and some very dark photos before I finally tracked down the exposure scale. Because operator error. Duh.

So that’s me done – I’m off to commune with R over some alcohol and possibly a film, though I’m happy to say that we’ve reached an agreement that you don’t have to watch the Hootenanay if you’ve never heard of any of the people playing on it.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. See you in 2017!