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The New Year has arrived in Worcestershire with a squelch: it’s been raining here since last night, and the ground is sodden. There was no chance at all that I was going to leave the house in search of a photo, and as it barely got light all day I thought I might have to get the studio lights out to get any indoor shots. I took this in the conservatory at lunch time, with a high ISO and a slow shutter speed – but luckily my subject kept still.

One of R’s Christmas gifts to me was an old book of stereoscopic images of famous landmarks in and around London. I find them very interesting, though I’m not very good at relaxing my eyes to let the 3D image appear, and I thought they might provide an interesting blip. R arrived back in from a soggy run and found me struggling to set up a reasonable composition, and sweetly agreed to model the stereoscope for my photograph.

This led us on to a discussion of Salvador DalĂ­’s stereoscopic paintings – and how and why he might have created them. If this subject intrigues you, there’s quite an interesting Wiki about stereoscopy here.