Late flowering

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You know when someone puts a meal in front of you that looks and smells soooooo delicious that you just can’t resist standing on the chair and diving right into the middle of the plate?


Just me then?

Perhaps it’s no wonder I’m banned from virtually every restaurant in the district….

Well anyway, my friend the honeybee understands me. And all all his friends and relations – this is the ivy that was almost deserted yesterday, but today the sun reappeared and it was swarming with bees, wasps, flies and hoverflies (as well as the odd lurking spider hoping to nab an unwary diner). I have to say that even to my relatively insensitive nose the smell was delicious, so I’m not surprised that it was the meal of choice today for so many insects.

I didn’t find the one thing I was particularly looking for, which was the ivy bee, Colletes hederae – but maybe another day.