Hawker season

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As it was a nice morning, and it seemed too long since I was last at NT Croome, I zoomed off down to Pershore in the hope of finding some dragons.

Sadness of the day: despite two circuits of the lake and careful examination of the reed beds, I didn’t find a single Emperor, Chaser or Skimmer, and I have to assume that they’ve all now died.

Happiness of the day: capturing several reasonable flight shots of Migrant Hawkers – either they’re getting slower (possible at this time of year), or I’m getting better! The Hawkers have a long flight period, from early summer through to October or even November if it’s mild, and because of that dragon-fanciers tend to think of this time of year as Hawker season – though to be fair, Common and Ruddy Darters fly for almost as long, and I did also find both of those species today.

I’m not sure that this image of a male Migrant Hawker in flight is technically my best shot of the day – I think that’s probably a close-up I took of a Common Darter resting on one of the bridges, while she finished chewing something she’d captured – but despite its defects I’m pretty pleased with it, so it would be a shame not to feature it. I’ve put a handful of my other favourites on Facebook, if you’d care to take a look.

Happy top-down zooming music of the day from my iPod: Minor Swing.