Hall’s Croft

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R and I so enjoyed our sunny Sunday Stratford-upon-Avon breakfast last week that we went for a rematch this morning. This allowed me to photograph another Dog of Boston Tea Party – a very pretty spaniel/poodle cross – but unfortunately I couldn’t separate it from the legs of its owner, and I don’t think that any of us is yet ready to see a man wearing shorts and flip-flops. July and August, gentlemen – not before, and not after.

After breakfast we strolled around the Sratford-upon-Avon Festival of Motoring, which was occupying the entire town centre, and was probably utterly riveting if you like that kind of thing; and then meandered back to the car past Hall’s Croft. I’ve blipped it before (and I daresay I’ll blip it again), but it’s a quirky building of which I’m always fond, and I love it when the wisteria’s in bloom.

I then spent the whole afternoon going cross-eyed in front of Lightroom, processing Amsterdam photos, while R did some more work on the pelmet for my study. This evening we sat riveted in front of the last episode of this season of Line of Duty – I’m not sure how much wine I got through, but I’m feeling a little over-tired right now. I can’t wait for Series 5 – but if it turns out that the master villain is…. no, never mind. (But if it does, I’ll be having words with Mr Mercurio.)

Right – I’d best get off to bed, if I’m going to be up in time to wash my face in dew at dawn. I’d hate to miss the chance to be even more beautiful for the next twelve months than I already am. 5.37am, ladies – see you then!